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Cocoons are designed to be worn over your prescription glasses. To achieve the perfect fit, it’s important you find the size that most accurately fits over your eyewear frames. Simply measure your eyeglasses then select the frame model that is slightly larger in width and height than your prescription eyewear. NOTE: For additional sizing instructions, please scroll to the bottom of this page to download our Printable Sizing Guides.

How Do I Use the Online Sizing Calculator?

1. Measure the full WIDTH of your glasses at the widest points.

2. Measure the full HEIGHT of your glasses from top to bottom.

3. Choose your WIDTH and HEIGHT range. Click “Find My Size” to see your options.

Width (mm):

Height (mm):

Please select width and height range.

Printable Sizing Guides


Printable sizing guides are available for our fitover sunglasses and UV filters.

The sizing guide MUST be printed at 100% actual size, or it will not provide an accurate recommendation of the size that fits over your glasses. It is important to set your print preferences with the scaling option turned off. This will ensure that the document prints at full size. Use the image of the coin on the printed sizing guide to verify it printed at 100%. The image should be the same size as an actual US quarter or should measure 24 mm in diameter if you do not have a coin for comparison.

FITOVER SUNGLASSES & UV FILTERS:  Place your glasses face down on the full scale images of each frame size.  If your glasses fit inside the red guideline box, then that size will appropriately fit over your prescription eyewear.   If the width or height of your glasses extends outside of the red box, then you will need to try the next larger size.

Cocoons Sunglasses and Low Vision Filters

Vistana Sizing Guide

Clip-On Sizing Guide