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The ‘Do’s and ‘Don’t’s of Staying Alert At the Wheel

Fitover Sunglasses on happy dustin

It must’ve been a record-long Monday afternoon yesterday. Orders poured in and we were running around the warehouse getting them all shipped out; emails persistently awaited reply; and of course the site could always use some tightening up. And after I tapped out in the evening, I had one of those checked-out drives home you […]

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Why Should You Choose Cocoons?

Rhett cocoons fitover sunglasses temple

When we first pioneered professional-grade fitovers in 2002, we were the only game in town. Cocoons were so much better than the limited number of competitive options and, as you would expect, our brand quickly became the leading choice with eyecare professionals worldwide. Since 2002, the fitover eyewear landscape has changed significantly. Today we compete […]

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Driving with Fitovers

happy couple wearing cocoons fitover sunglasses

Generally, there are two types of fitover sunglasses, those that are functional and those that are fashionable.  Both are worn over prescription glasses.  Sunglasses that are polarized will help reduce and, in some cases, eliminate glare, which reduces eyestrain and fatigue.  Not only is polarization important, but lens tint is also a factor in fitover […]

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