Slip Stream (LX) Sand/Computer


This specially formulated lens system effectively filters harmful HEV Blue Light, dramatically reducing the ailments associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).  Scientifically engineered to remove only the harmful blue light, these Cocoons provide a tranquil, irritant-free environment for your eyes, while delivering accurate visual color representation.  The scratch resistant, optically correct lens system features an anti-reflective coating to deliver sharp, crystal clear optics and further reduce eye-strain.

“HEV Blue Light is the bane of our existence. Thank you Cocoons!” ★★★★ – John R. , Greenwich, CT

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The Slip Stream offers a large frame design with a stylish cat-eye shape to comfortably fit over larger oval and round prescription eyewear frames.  An ample chassis, featuring an impervious Soft Touch finish, is injection fused to our patented Flex2Fit temple system. The fully adjustable Flex2Fit temples allow for customization of the temple position and placement, eliminating the discomfort experienced when wearing imitations. With a full undercarriage and maximum sized peripheral lenses, the framework provides 360° of protection and completely isolates the eyes from harsh artificial lighting and irritating blue light while using electronic devices.

The lens system blocks 100% of harmful UV light and 60% or more of harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light, while providing 93% overall visible light transmission.  The unique filtering properties of the lens system effectively reduce scattered blue light and improve contrast without compromising overall light transmission. The lenses are highly scratch resistant. Includes our legendary Cocoons case, a lens Duracloth and the Live Eyewear lifetime warranty.

UV400 HEV Filters – Scratch Resistant – Flex2Fit Temples – Lifetime Warranty – Fits over prescription frames measuring less than 144mm (5 11/16 inches) in width by 46mm (1 13/16 inches) in height.

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