Cocoons Neoprene Case


The design, quality and performance of the Cocoons case is befitting the world’s best fitover sunglasses.

Manufactured from the highest quality neoprene, the Cocoons case is virtually indestructible. The thick, yet surprisingly lightweight neoprene scabbard is stain resistant, maintains its form and flexibility in extreme temperatures and is exceptionally robust. The case features a belt clip on the reverse side, allowing for rapid attachment and removal. A top mounted nylon lanyard, featuring a 360° swiveling nylon hook-clip provides an additional attachment method. The case is sealed with a corrosion-proof, premium quality coil zipper that will never jam. The buoyancy of the case is such that if you were drop it in the water, with your Cocoons fitover sunglasses and even your car keys in it, it will float!

The Cocoons case reiterates the quality and performance of its namesake.

“I lost my case and just ordered a replacement. It’s that good.” ★★★★★ – Kevin B., Houston, TX

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All Cocoons fitover sunglasses include a custom neoprene storage case designed to protect your Cocoons and keep them close at hand when not in use. Constructed from durable, yet lightweight neoprene, the case will stand up to just about any outdoor enviorment.