What's My Size?

Measure the full WIDTH of your glasses at the widest points, and the HEIGHT of your glasses from top to bottom.  If you need additional assistance, please visit our SIZE FINDER page for helpful tips on how to properly measure your glasses.

If your measurements are in inches, please use our conversion chart to find the equivalent measurement in millimeters.  The size finder entries must be in millimeters in order for it to work properly.

Not sure if you measured your glasses correctly?  Please call customer service at (800) 834-2563 for assistance.

Width (mm):

Height (mm):

Cocoons Polarized Mirror Fitover Sunglasses

Our Polarized Mirror Fitovers are designed for the harshest, brightest outdoor conditions where intense reflected surface glare can greatly inhibit visual performance. Cocoons scratch-resistant Polare gray and amber lens systems are enhanced with high performance mirror coats developed to maximize the polarization efficiency of the lens system. The micro-thin metallic layer enhances the glare cutting properties of the base lens by creating an additional reflective barrier designed to combat even the most intense glare from surfaces such as water and snow.

The patented OveRx designs utilize scratch-resistant Polare 100% polarized lens systems to deliver unparalleled protection from damaging UV light and cut through blinding glare. Each frame design incorporates integrated brow and underside protection to eliminate reflected light from above and below, while the injected polycarbonate side shields block peripheral light without compromising the wearer's range of vision. Cocoons feature the patented Flex2Fit adjustable temple system engineered to deliver a custom fit that is extremely comfortable and secure. All Cocoons fitovers include a custom neoprene case, large lens cloth, and limited lifetime warranty.

Choose from eight different frame sizes designed to fit snugly, but comfortably over most styles of prescription glasses. Not sure what size will accurately fit over your glasses? Use our Size Finder to identify the Cocoons fitover size that's right for you.  Need a conversion chart for inches to millimeters? Click here

Frame Technology Lens Specifications

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