Cocoons Fitovers – FAQ


What are fitovers?

Fitovers are sunglasses and low vision aids designed to be worn over existing prescription eyewear.  Eyewear designed to be worn over prescription glasses is commonly referred to by many names and descriptive phrases, such as, over prescription eyewear, over prescription sunglasses, slip over glasses, slip-on sunglasses, fit over eyewear, fits-over glasses, over specs, over the glass eyewear, over shields, wear over glasses, etc.  Fitovers developed using our patented OveRx® design principles are guaranteed to provide maximum comfort and performance during daily wear.

Creating fitovers that can be worn comfortably over prescription eyewear is a little more complicated than designing stand alone or solo eyewear.  How the frame fits, what it looks like, what it can comfortably fit over, the weight, the range of vision, matching the optical clarity of the existing corrective eyewear and the feel all have to be considered.  The OveRx trademark is attached to all Live Eyewear collections of fitovers to signify that they meet our standards.  When you see the OveRx logo, you can trust that no facet of the eyewear’s design has been overlooked.

Cocoons fitover sunglasses and low vision aids feature OveRx design principles, meaning that they will fit comfortably and deliver the maximum level of protection when worn over prescription eyewear.

What features should I consider before buying a fitover sunglass?

Fitover sunglasses are very different from conventional fashion or sport sunglasses.  Cocoons professional grade fitover sunglasses feature design elements that deliver superior protection and performance when compared to other fitover sunglasses.  The focus of the frame designs is fueled by the function of the product, whereas other sunglasses are designed to fit the latest fashion trends. 

For a fitover sunglass to function properly, it must provide underside protection.  Cocoons patented fitover frames do so by creating an undercarriage. The majority of fitover sunglass designs do not feature an undercarriage.  This added level of protection requires a more precise fit. By eliminating the undercarriage protection, it allows the fitover frame to hang over any size of prescription glass, which saves the manufacturer money. Unfortunately, with no underside protection, reflected glare can enter from below and completely dilute the intended purpose of wearing a sunglass that is designed to fit over your prescription eyewear.  Always check the lower part of the fitover sunglass frame to ensure it is providing you with the proper underside protection.

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How do I determine which Live Eyewear fitover option is best for me?

All Cocoons fitover sunwear is designed to be worn over existing prescription eyewear frames and features scratch resistant, optically correct, polarized Polaré® lenses designed to filter out 100% of damaging UV light, while eliminating blinding glare. Cocoons Clip-Ons, Rimless Clip-Ons and Flip-Ups provide the greatest convenience as their slim design is virtually flat and easy to store when not in use.  But, they do not provide the same level of full wrap protection offered by Cocoons patented fitover sunglasses. The unique design of Cocoons fitover sunglasses provides additional protection from the top, sides and bottom not achievable with clip-ons or flip-ups. They deliver the highest level of protection and are recommended for those that want maximum coverage.

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How do I determine which fitover design will properly fit over my eyewear?

Cocoons fitover sunwear is designed to be worn over your prescription glasses. To achieve a perfect fit that is both comfortable and secure, you will need to find the size that most accurately fits your eyewear.  It is important to find the correct size, or you may not experience the full benefits enjoyed by millions of Cocoons owners worldwide. 


1. The sizing documents are Adobe PDF files.  You will need Adobe Reader or an equivalent pdf viewer to open them.  If you do not have a PDF viewer installed on your computer, click here to access the Adobe website and download Adobe Reader for free.

2. The sizing guides MUST be printed at 100% actual size, or they will not provide an accurate recommendation of the size that will fit over your glasses.  It is important to set your print preferences with the scaling option turned off.  This will ensure that the document prints at full size.  Once printed, you may use the image of the coin on the sizing guide to verify it was printed at 100%.  The image should be the same size as an actual US quarter or should measure 24 mm in diameter if you do not have a coin to compare.

3. FITOVER SUNGLASSES AND UV FILTERS: Hold your glasses face down on the full scale image of each Cocoons sunglass size.  If your glasses fit inside the red guidelines, then that size will appropriately fit over your prescription eyewear.   If the width or height of your glasses extends outside of the red box, then you will need to try the next larger size.


What protection is offered by Cocoons fitover sunglasses?

360° of UV Protection® – Cocoons are developed to meet the needs and performance expectations of people who are serious about protecting their eyes from the adverse effects of sunlight and the elements. Cocoons are designed to completely isolate the eyes and deliver unparalleled optical performance. After wearing a pair for ten minutes or so, your eyes will begin to relax. The patented frame designs provide significantly more protection than standard sunglasses.  The unique design features protection from all angles by incorporating top, side and bottom protection to completely wrap the eyes.

How durable are Cocoons fitover sunglasses?

Extremely durable. Virtually indestructible under normal wear. Sure, if you drive your car over them, the lenses will pop out and the hinge might break, but there is a good chance you will be able to pop the lenses back in and the sunglasses will be as good as new! Cocoons frames are manufactured from ballistic nylon; so durable you can twist the frame inside out and it will pop back into shape with no signs of deformity.

Our proprietary Polaré lenses are scratch resistant and extremely strong. (8X stronger than most competitors’ lenses).  Find out how Polaré lenses outperform standard lenses.

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons Users Guide.

How can I learn more about Cocoons fitover sunglasses and what features are important to consider when selecting fitover sunwear?

White papers are authoritative reports addressing problems and how to solve them. The white papers listed below discuss the benefits of our patented OveRx® fitover technology and how the Cocoons collection offers a fitover sunwear solution for over 62% of the world’s population.

Choosing a sunglass designed to fit over eyewear: What to Know When Comparing Your Options


Whitepaper – Choosing a Fitover Option That’s Right for You

Whitepaper – Choosing a Lens Tint

Whitepaper – Short and Long Term Benefits of Fitover Sunglasses

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Whitepaper – What You Should Know About Fitovers

Whitepaper – Cocoons Side Shields

Whitepaper – What is Low Vision?

Whitepaper – Fitovers: Better for Everyone!

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons Users Guide.

Is UV a Danger in the Winter?

What should I know about UV?

Find additional information on the importance of wearing sunglasses that deliver proper protection from UV in the Vision Council report PROTECTION FOR THE NAKED EYE: Sunglasses as a Health Necessity

What is glare, and how do polarized lenses effectively eliminate it?

A polarized lens filters and eliminates annoying and sometimes dangerous glare. Wherever there are horizontal surfaces producing glare, the use of polarizing lenses is recommended because it reduces eye fatigue and maintains the health of your eyes while exposed to the sun. Non-polarized sunglasses reduce visible light, however they have little or no effect on reflected glare. Only polarized lenses eliminate glare and help you see clearly. 

To understand polarization, it is necessary to understand glare. Normally, light waves move randomly in an infinite number of directions. However, when light reflects off a surface, it intensifies and polarizes into reflective glare. Horizontal light reflected from smooth shiny surfaces, such as water, a wet road, a car window or snow causes glare.

Polarized lenses utilize iodine crystals that are positioned in vertical rows on a thin piece of film. This film is sandwiched between two layers of lens material. The filter within the lens allows selected light rays to reach the eye, while absorbing reflected glare. When a polarizing film or filter is properly positioned in front of such reflected light rays, the glare is blocked and only usable, efficient light is transmitted to the eye. Polarized lenses contain a special film designed to absorb the polarized waves before they reach your eyes.

Click here for additional details on Cocoons proprietary Polaré® lens system.

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons Users Guide.

What determines a superior quality polarized lens?

Three factors determine the quality of a polarized lens: clarity, density, and alignment of the film within the lens. Inferior film may cause a lens to be hazy. A light film density will not perform as well as a darker film. The polarized film must be aligned properly and set precisely in the sunglass frame. If it is not aligned properly the wearer will experience visual discomfort and will not experience the full benefits provided by the polarization. Cocoons utilize a superb polarized lens that delivers exceptional performance, and is highly scratch and impact resistant. 

Click here for details on how Polaré® lenses outperform standard lenses.

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons Users Guide.

What polarized lens tint is best for me?

No matter what your outdoor pursuit entails, be it a stroll on the beach, exploring the open road or trying to spot an elusive prize winning fish just below the water’s surface, there is a Polaré® polarized lens tint designed to enhance your visual performance and overall experience.

Choose Gray for natural color definition and general daily use, Amber or Copper for improved contrast and object definition in variable light conditions or Yellow for maximum contrast in extreme low light conditions.  Cocoons sunglasses are also available in a gray tint with an added Blue, Silver, Gold or Rose Mirror or our amber tint with an added Green Mirror.  Our mirrored lenses are ideal for outdoor environments that present excessive amounts of glare, such as open ocean fishing and boating. 

Click here for additional details on available Polaré lens tints.  Click here for more on lens tint properties and help on choosing the ideal tint to meet your needs.

Why aren't the side lenses of Cocoons fitover sunglasses polarized?

As the leading innovator in the fitover sunglass category, Live Eyewear has developed numerous purpose driven features that enhance the quality, performance and/or value of our patented eyewear collections.  Each unique feature has an associated cost and must be carefully considered as to not degrade the overall value of the eyewear when presented to the end user.  If there is a reason for an additional feature, we’ll design and integrate it into our fitover eyewear.

Cocoons do not feature polarized side shields because there is no reason to.  The primary benefit of polarization is the elimination of visible glare. For a polarized side lens to function properly, the eyes must look directly through it at a 90° axis (similar to the way you look through the front lens of a sunglass). Unless your eyes are positioned on the side of your head, much like a pigeon or a gold fish, the side lens only delivers a peripheral line of sight versus a direct line of sight.  Simply put, a polarized side shield does absolutely nothing to improve your visual acuity or eliminate glare in the same respect as a polarized front lens. 

Instead, Live Eyewear exerts the effort and expense to injection mold optically correct side shields that deliver accurate peripheral vision; distortion free. Cocoons side lenses are precisely regulated to match the tint and transmission properties of the front lenses, delivering a balanced, tranquil environment in which the eyes can function in a relaxed, stress free state. Although our side shield process is extremely expensive in comparison to using inexpensive polarized acetate side shields, the investment delivers superior performance over many competitive models. To identify an acetate side shield, simply shake the fits over sunglass frame. You will often hear a rattling noise due to the unstable nature of acetate that allows it to shrink and become loose over time.

Are Cocoons fitovers available with special absorptive UV filters for Low Vision?

Yes.  In addition to Polaré® polarized lenses, all sizes of Cocoons are available with a choice of four non-polarized absorptive filters designed to provide enhanced contrast and reduce glare.  Each tint (Boysenberry, Hazelnut, Lemon, Orange) is specifically developed to precisely transmit a specified range of lightwaves (measured in nanometers) to provide the ideal balance of glare reduction and contrast enhancement under various ambient light conditions.  

Live Eyewear recommends that you consult with your eye-care professional to determine which absorptive filter will provide the maximum visual acuity enhancement depending on your specific impairment and activities.

Click here for additional information on Cocoons Low Vision collection.

How do I replace the lenses on my Cocoons Fitover Sunglasses?

Our Polaré® lens system is scratch-resistant, but that doesn’t mean the lenses are scratch-proof.  After a couple of years of wear and tear your Cocoons fitover eyewear may just need a new pair of lenses.  Fortunately, we sell lenses for nearly all of our frame options through the website.  However, we are often asked by people who have purchased the lenses how to replace them.  To assist you in this process, we have put together a short demonstration video of the lens replacement process.  Ideally the video will provide you all of the information you might need, but in the event that it does not, you are always welcome to contact us at 

How can I improve the fit of my Cocoons fitover sunglasses if they seem loose?

Flex2Fit® adjustable temples are simple to adjust for a perfect fit every time.
Watch our short demonstration video now!

All Cocoons sunglasses feature adjustable Flex2Fit® temples designed to enhance the fit and comfort experienced by the wearer. Simply bend or form the ear pieces (no heat required) to the desired curvature that provides a comfortable, yet secure fit. If you experience pressure behind your ears due to the Cocoons temples resting on your eyewear temples around your ears, try straightening the Cocoons ear pieces to relieve the pressure.

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons User Guide.

How do I maintain and clean my Cocoons fitover sunglasses?

Like any fine piece of equipment, Cocoons® fitover sunglasses need proper care and maintenance for a long life. When you are not wearing your Cocoons, keep them in their case to protect the frame and the lenses. Do not store your sunglasses in direct sunlight, such as the dashboard of your car.

To clean your glasses, first blow off any particles. Wash with mild soap and warm water. Then wipe dry with a soft cotton or professional cleaning cloth, like the Cocoons Duracloth™. (Included with every pair of Cocoons fitover sunglasses.) Do not use paper towels or other wood fiber paper products.

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons Users Guide.

What accessories are included with Cocoons fitover sunglasses?

When you purchase a pair of Cocoons fitover sunglasses from an authorized dealer, you should receive the sunglasses packaged in a Cocoons box with the included accessories and product information: a special cleaning cloth called a Duracloth, a custom neoprene case designed specifically for Cocoons, and a use and care guide with instructions on how to adjust the patented Flex2Fit® temples and register the limited lifetime warranty that is included with every pair of Cocoons. 

The Cocoons storage case is packed full of features. It has a handy belt clip, a J-clip and is designed to float if dropped in the water…even with your Cocoons in it! Live Eyewear also offers a full range of optional accessories specially designed to compliment your Cocoons sunglasses, such as neoprene head straps, adjustable cotton eyewear cords, and replacement lenses for all frame sizes and tints.

What is the Cocoons standard warranty and repair policy?

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Live Eyewear warrants all defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser for the life of the product. All products will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of Cocoons. Determination of warranty status is made solely by Cocoons. Repairs will be made by Cocoons. No one else is authorized to make repairs. Unauthorized repair attempts will void all warranty claims. We are very proud of the durability and quality of Cocoons.

Click here to register your warranty.

º All product must be returned to Cocoons for inspection.
º All returns must show proof of purchase from an authorized Cocoons dealer or warranty may not apply.
º Include a written statement of the nature of the problem with the product.

This warranty does not apply to damages caused by misuse of the product, lack of reasonable care, user caused scratches to lenses, accidents or loss of the product.
Please insure your package for traceability in a crush proof box. Padded mailers do not provide sufficient protection against further damage. We will not be responsible for product that is not delivered to us or is damaged in transit to us.

Warranty Claim Submissions

Please return product for repair or warranty along with a check payable to Live Eyewear for $8.95 (applied to return shipping cost) to the following address:

Live Eyewear
Attn: Warranty Service
3490 Broad Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Are Cocoons fitover sunglasses patented?

You bet! Cocoons are covered under numerous United States and International design patents. Attempts have been made to duplicate our unique frame designs, but our competitors have yet to come close, making Cocoons the leading brand in fitover sunwear.   Look for the OveRx authenticity emblem to ensure you are buying genuine OveRx® eyewear.

For additional details on the features, benefits and use and care of your Cocoons sunglasses designed to fit over your glasses, please see our Cocoons Users Guide.

Can I use Cocoons fitover sunglasses as safety glasses?

Although Cocoons are not classified as safety glasses according to the ANSI Z87.1 safety eyewear standard, they are extremely durable and feature one of the toughest lenses on the market, Polarè®. Polarè lenses are so durable, we’ve hit them with a hammer and still can not break them! The nylon frames are near indestructible, we challenge you to twist them and bend them…they will not break.

If you plan to use Cocoons in extremely low light conditions (for example – riding a motorcycle after dark), the Cocoons Mini Slim, Slim Line, Wide Line, Pilot and Aviator models are available with a clear polycarbonate lens.  This lens option provides excellent protection from wind, rain and other airborne elements while transmitting the maximum amount of visible light to your eyes.

Does Live Eyewear offer other fitover sunwear and safety eyewear options?

Live Eyewear’s core focus is the development and constant innovation of optical grade fitover eyewear.  In addition to Cocoons, we offer various other fitover eyewear options, such as the fashion focused fitover sunwear collection Vistana®.  Contact Live Eyewear at 800.834.2563 for additional information and product details.

Download our catalog in PDF format to see our full range of fitover sunglasses, UV filters, clip-ons, and OTG (over the glasses) fitover goggles.

What's new from Live Eyewear?

Live Eyewear, the makers of Cocoons Sunwear and Low Vision aids, is the leader in fitover eyewear designed to be worn over or fit over current and traditional prescription eyewear styles.  Live Eyewear’s diverse fitover eyewear collections offer unique patented features and optical grade components that deliver professional grade quality, performance, comfort and style to meet the daily UV protection needs of everyone! 

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