Computer Fitovers


If you wear prescription glasses you need these!  Cocoons Eyewear, the world leader in fitover sunglasses and low vision filters, now offers the world’s finest fitover computer glasses! These Cocoons fitover computer glasses are equipped with advanced technological lenses specifically designed to remove the bad blue light that can cause Computer Vision Syndrome.

This lens system is the perfect complement to our fitover eyewear collection. Our computer glasses are specifically designed to block the harmful high energy visible (HEV) blue light that emanates from computer screens, tablets, televisions, fluorescent lighting and cell phones. This is the blue light that can cause sleeplessness, tension headaches and eye strain, which are the main symptoms of what is now known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Even worse, prolonged exposure to HEV light can lead to serious eye disorders such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Our specially formulated lens system targets and filters that bad HEV blue light and removes it before it can reach your eyes. The remaining filtered light helps your eyes relax and helps to eliminate those troubling CVS symptoms. Your eyes enjoy crystal clear visual acuity and natural color representation.

The lens system blocks 100% of harmful UV light and 60% or more of harmful High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light, while providing 93% overall visible light transmission.  The unique filtering properties of this lens system effectively reduce scattered blue light and improve contrast without compromising overall light transmission. The lens system is highly scratch resistant.

All Cocoons computer glasses include our legendary Cocoons case, a lens Duracloth and the Live Eyewear lifetime warranty.



Blue light is sometimes misunderstood – even by eye care professionals. What is clearly understood by the optical industry is that there is a line between good blue light and bad blue light.  As put by one optical professional in an American Optometric Association article on blue light, “We don’t know yet where bad blue light ends and good blue light begins…” That said, there some basic theories that most professionals agree on.  Most agree that everyone needs a certain amount of blue light – the good blue light.  This is the light that helps your body’s natural sleep cycle and increases alertness.  This good light can also help with your memory and mood so it is important for computer glasses to let in some of the good blue while removing the bad.

Blue light is not just one color but instead is infinite. Light is measured in a range of wavelengths, just like radio waves or television signals. On one end of the range is the ultra violet (UV) light.  Everyone knows that UV light is bad for the eyes and all Cocoons and specialty filters block the entire range of UV light.  On the other end of the range is the infrared light often associated with television (and other) remote controls.  As people, we can only see the light between the UV and infrared light.  This is called the visible spectrum (and not all of us can even see that). Scientifically, the visible light wavelengths range from 380 to 800 nanometers(nm). The lower the number on the range, the shorter the wavelength of the light and the more energy the light carries with it.  Blue light is at the lower end of this visible spectrum with wavelengths ranging between 400 and 500nm.

Focusing on the blue light range alone, on the low end is the blue-violet light which combines blue light with the really bad UV light.  This is generally understood to be the bad blue light.  Some sources say the worst blue light exists in the 411-420nm range.  As you move to the longer blue wavelengths, the light becomes blue-turquoise in color. This is the good blue light.

According to a 2014 article published in the Review of Optometry, “The labeled blue-turquoise light range, which is from 465nm to 495nm, is essential to our vision, the function of our pupillary reflex, and in general to human health.” Ultimately, “this blue-turquoise light really plays a vital role in the general health of the individual.” Based on this and other research, it is important to have some blue light exposure.  The Cocoons computer glasses are balanced to ensure that the bad blue light is filtered and the good blue passes through.

Our computer lens system precisely targets and removes that harmful high energy visible blue light.  After it strips that bad blue light out of the spectrum, your eyes will immediately feel more relaxed and, as a whole, you will feel more alert and in a generally better mood as you know that you are protecting your eyes from the more serious conditions that can be associated with prolonged blue light exposure.

Finally, at night, you can rest easy without the eye strain, headaches and fatigue associated with Computer Vision Syndrome.

You’re welcome.