Stream Line (S) Black Lemon UV Filters


A Soft Touch, jet-black chassis is paired with a precisely regulated polycarbonate UV filtering system. The non-polarized Polaré lemon filter is an ultra high contrast absorptive tint that allows 86% visible light transmission, while blocking 100% of lightwaves up to 470 nm and all UVA/UVB rays. The filter is designed to absorb 40% of blue light and 70% HEV (High-Energy ultra-violet light) that can cause irritating eyestrain and fatigue. The smallest fitovers in the world are perfect for petite prescription frames and for children.

“Value for money, Cocoons are in a rare class. The amount of work that has obviously gone into making them, the accessories, the lens systems… very surprising for the price.” ★★★★ – Linda T., Washington, D.C.


The contrast enhancing, high light transmission lemon filter ensures adequate visible light levels with heightened object definition when used in extremely low light conditions, such as at night and indoor applications. The filter effectively reduces glare and halos generated by artificial light sources (headlights, street lamps, fluorescent indoor lighting, etc.), allowing the eyes to relax, while the contrast enhancing properties of the tint improve focus. Provides relief from glare and improved contrast for those suffering from common low vision eye conditions associated with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), cataracts, and glaucoma.

A diminutive chassis, featuring an impervious Soft Touch finish, is injection fused to our patented Flex2Fit temple system. Providing complete adjustability, Flex2Fit allows for customization of the temple position and placement, eliminating the discomfort experienced when wearing imitations. With a full undercarriage and maximum sized peripheral lenses, the framework provides 360° of protection and completely isolates the eyes from the elements.

The non-polarized Polaré UV filter system protects light sensitive eyes from harsh glare, blocks 100% of harmful UV light and is highly scratch resistant. Includes our legendary Cocoons case, a lens Duracloth and the Live Eyewear lifetime warranty.

UV400 – Scratch Resistant – Flex2Fit Temples – Lifetime Warranty – Fits over prescription frames measuring less than 128mm (5 1/16 inches) in width by 36mm (1 7/16 inches) in height.

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