Computer Fitovers

Cocoons fitover computer eyewear, featuring specially formulated High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light filters, prevents overexposure to artificial blue light that can contribute to Digital Eyestrain and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Limiting the amount of HEV exposure allows the eyes to remain relaxed, focused, and free from the fatigue and blurred vision that can result from extended exposure to digital screens. Prolonged and cumulative exposure to HEVs can lead to disruption of circadian rythms (sleep/wake cycle) and unnecessary headaches. The lens system is protected by a one year scratch resistance warranty and includes an anti-reflective coating to minimize glare and halos created by artificial light sources. The patented frames feature Flex2Fit® adjustable temples and a unique Soft Touch® finish to enhance comfort during extended wear. The adjustable temple system enables the wearer to manually contour the ear pieces for a personalized fit that is extremely secure with a minimal amount of temple pressure. All Cocoons fitovers feature a limited lifetime warranty and include a custom designed case and lens cloth.

Choose from eight different frame sizes designed to fit snugly, but comfortably over nearly any style of prescription glasses. Not sure what size will accurately fit over your glasses? Use our Size Finder to identify the Cocoons fitover size that’s right for you.